About the Owner & Artisan

I've been making jewelry for 18 years & I love creating 

wearable art. 

Creativity has always been in my blood from my background in art, photography, TV/Film & Theater as well as find inspiration in the small details in life.  

My earrings are made on Surgical Steel hooks so it won't bother my Nickel Allergy & lightweight because I hate added pressure on my ears so I create earrings with those benefits. Due to my nickel allergy I've always loved working with stainless steel to make affordable hypoallergenic options.

I Wear Teal for My Mom

I'm dedicating my shop to my Mother, Suzanne, who passed away only a month after she was diagnosed with Stage 1 Ovarian Cancer. I changed all my branding/packaging to a teal theme in tribute to Ovarian Cancer Awareness & so that ever time I wrap up each package it's a small tribute to her memory.

I plan on making more Ovarian Cancer awareness items in the future to raise more awareness for such a fast paced deadly disease affecting women everywhere that so many have never even heard of with symptoms that are so similar to other illnesses it can be hard to detect. It's been me & her against the world for my entire life that it's been hard to imagine my life without her moving forward, I never expected to lose her only a few years shy of the age she was when she had me.  

Where Cute Stuff Began

This shop is also dedicated to the amazing Marcy Repp who inspired me to be a woman entrepreneur & so much more.

Cute Stuff began back in the 90s when the brilliant Marcy started her small jewelry business bringing the latest trendy looks to young adults at an affordable price. Twelve years ago in 2005 I met Marcy while in college study TV/Film in the middle of the cornfields of Pennsylvania, we connected at the start & she took me under her wing showing me the ins & outs of the jewelry business while I helped her get a website together & an online presence for her business. While learning from her I told her about my life story explaining how the most important thing for me was to support myself since I learned at a young age in a single parent household taking care of my mom that having some sort of financial stability was essential. Whenever I wasn't in class or working on a student film I was working with her to improve & grow the business however I could, while basking in her stories about her life before the jewelry business, the life as an actress & a teacher. She inspired me to be a woman entrepreneur, that nothing was more fulfilling then having your own business. Marcy became my pretend mother, the mother I wish I had growing up, someone I could talk to when life was trying to drag me under & I was her pretend daughter, she even came to my college graduation which meant the world to me because she helped me survive it. After college I knew my classmates were struggling to get jobs in the industry we majored in so I continued on with the business I had grown to love over the years but in my branch of it I decided to go the route of Hypoallergenic Handmade since I had suffered from Nickel Allergies my entire life but couldn't afford & didn't like the styles out there that were Nickel-Free so I created my own. Even though I moved a state away after college, she was in PA & I was in DE I still kept in touch with her, constantly turning to her for advise, meeting up with her & visiting her whenever I got a chance. Though my life after college had it's ups & downs, but through it all Marcy was my cheerleader. On February 1st I left DE to find my happiness somewhere that felt like home & left my local customer base behind in a rush to get a fresh start away from a difficult living situation. Since then I've been working on rebuilding my customer base from scratch via flea markets, craft shows & Etsy. It's been a long journey but small businesses don't just happen overnight, they take a lot of work, investment & struggle to succeed which Marcy had taught me all those years ago. She has always been a pillar of strength & moral support for me since we met, & has inspired me to be so much more than what everyone had expected me to be. Though she has retired from the jewelry business she has returned to showcasing her talents in the love of acting & she will always be a constant role model for me to do what you love & to not let others drag you down. Because of her elevating influence & she was the mother of Cute Stuff, the Cute Stuff name lives on & this shop is dedicated to her. Though now we live far apart & I don't get to see her as often as I used to, I still couldn't have asked for a better stunning inspirational pretend mother, I'm grateful for all the help she has given me & so thankful that our paths crossed all those years ago.